Our Philosophy & Mission

Scott-Larson, Inc. strives to provide the best orthotic service and devices to the public.  We do this by respecting and valuing the inherent dignity of each person we provide a service for.  This respect for human life endures regardless of physical problems, stage of development, social disability, emotional instability or economic limitations.  Through direct service or indirectly through our influence, we seek to promote good health and well being; while at the same time we strive to relieve suffering and address its causes.  Our company extends our services to all that come in need.

While committed to patient care, equally we are committed to those who serve.  Employees shall be provided the climate and opportunity to grow so they may attain their highest level of contribution to the field of orthotics.  Only through cooperative effort can Scott-Larson Orthotics provide high quality, compassionate care and innovation in a good working environment.

These philosophical concepts are the basis of Scott-Larson’s approach to our community role.  We came into being as a community resource so that we might serve those in need.  

Our Promise

Enriching and transforming lives through compassionate care and innovation.

At Scott-Larson Orthotics, our goal is to meet the needs of our clients in a way that enhances mobility, independence, functionality, and quality of life. Scott-Larson employs licensed and certified orthotists who are an integral part of the medical team. We are an outcome-based practice that will always strive to find the best solution for each individual. 

We will support this mission by providing our services to our patients with the highest regard for their needs and with the greatest respect for their rights because our patients and customers are the reason for our existence. We will strive to provide a quality work environment for our employees, because our employees are our foundation and a solid foundation is critical to our success. We will resolve problems when they arise by listening to our patients, customers and employees and suggesting and considering alternatives that will be acceptable to all because we are human and the true test of any organization is in its handling of errors. We will accomplish our mission with integrity, innovation and the sincere desire to serve.